Animal Care – Wildlife

While AEC provides the best care possible for all types of pets, including avian and exotic pet species, we also work closely with licensed wildlife rehabilitators to ensure that all animals can obtain the care they need. If an injured wild animal is brought to our hospital we will triage and provide supportive care for them until we are able to transfer it to the appropriate rehabilitator. Ultimately, our shared goal is to restore the animal to good health and release it back into the wild, typically as close to where it was originally found as possible.

If you have found a potentially injured wild animal you may contact us 24/7 at 248-348-1788 for our Novi hospital, or 248-651-1788 for our Rochester hospital to help determine what to do next… If the animal is injured we will instruct you how to safely bring it in so you may surrender it to our care. We will ask that you make a donation ($30 suggested) that will go directly to the rehabilitator that will take over care for the animal you brought in. This donation is to help offset the cost of food and medical supplies for the rehabilitator. AEC does not request or accept donations for the care and treatment we provide to wildlife, and is proud to help support our wildlife rehabilitators.

If the animal you found does not appear to be injured, then we encourage you to contact one of the licensed rehabilitators listed below under "Wildlife Resources". If you have just found a baby animal, please read the guides below – sometimes the best thing for a baby animal is for it to be left alone.

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