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09/08/16 - Tuxedo Deeds was a rescue kitty from the Humane Society and he picked to be his Mom, he stuck his paw out of the cage and caught my purse and just meowed to me, so he came home. The HS named... (more)
08/26/16 - The Little Man Corkie shredded his mortal body and started his new journey in spirit... (more)
07/25/16 - Miss I received Phoebe from my husband for our 1st wedding anniversary. She was... (more)
07/14/16 - Missing our baby Our baby was a10 year old Doberman. She was a very spoiled girl... (more)
07/09/16 - my friend For 14 yrs.she protected me watched over me as I slept and guarded our home while I was at work..I was always greeted with multiple kisses and taught me to chase squirrels,rabbits... (more)
07/05/16 - My best friend Kali was my rescue. People said I rescued her but in actuality she... (more)

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