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02/01/23 - AEC Novi

There are not enough words to express how thankful I am for your services. As stated on other reviews by pet owners, caring for our much loved companions - is tremendously important and impacts our human lives more than some may understand.

My children and I were traumatized by the sudden loss of our 6 year old Labrador in 2021. I will never forget my children’s sobbing and agonizing cries when I got the call at work that fateful morning.

Our deep pain from the loss of our previous pets has turned into excess love and worry for our new ones, and I want to relay how grateful I am for your services and abilities to care for them.

I am especially attached with Astrid - her beagle personality, cuteness, whit and boldness in that adorable furry body and puppy face gives me feelings of early motherhood all over again.

Her head tilt when I talk to her, her nightly snout push at me to lift the covers to burrow under them in a curl and snuggle by my side, her ability to know when I’m putting my shoes on for a work day vs preparation to the dog park, her scratching and whine when I’m on the computer to lift her into my lap, are only a few examples of her astuteness, loving capacity and amazing personality. As she clearly indicates her need to engage with me for comfort, I need her too.

I don’t want to even think of the day that I will no longer have her in my life or by my side.

Thank you so much Dr. McBride for understanding.

She is doing much better.

Drawing of Astrid by Priya Burde 2021


- Astrid 's Owner [Avg. Score: 5.0

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