Animal Care – Dogs and Cats

Dogs and Snakes Don't Mix... and That Can Be a Problem! - As the temperatures begin to warm, wildlife starts... (more)
Essential Oils: Not Essential for Pets! - All pet owners should be aware of the potential toxiticy of essential... (more)
Beware the Amanitin mushroom in Michigan - Amanita phalloides, known as "death cap" or "death angel" and Amanita... (more)
Pet Poisoning: Signs and Symptoms - Ingested, inhaled or absorbed poison substances can cause a wide range of symptoms... (more)
Torn or Broken Toenail - The most effective solution to stop bleeding is Quick Stop (steptic powder). This product... (more)
Rectal Temperature for Cats and Dogs - Taking an animal's rectal temperature is the best way to know if your pet... (more)
Respiratory Rate for Cats and Dogs - Technique Observe chest motion or place a wet finger or pocket mirror over... (more)
Normal Heart Rate for Cats and Dogs - The heart rate can be taken by locating the animal's pulse along the femoral... (more)

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