In Memory...

Hammy (Ham; Oreo-Darwin)
Goodbye, Hammy

I’m absolutely heartbroken.

I remember going to the store in the middle of a January blizzard in 2020 to go get you. I picked you because you looked like an Oreo cookie, so naturally I named you Oreo-Darwin. It only took a few days for everyone to start calling you “Ham”. You may have kept me up at night, running miles upon miles on your wheel, but you were such a good study buddy. You were the best emotional support pet I could’ve asked for.

Thanks for joining my SAM zoom calls, for squeaking at me for attention, for putting up with at least 3 different cats, and for always hanging out with me.

Everyone may have called you “Ham”, but you’ll always be my Hammy.

I’ll love you forever, buddy.

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