In Memory...


I miss you and love you forever

Even before I came to the AEC on the 14th of April, I knew our time together was getting shorter, but nothing could prepare me for losing my dearest friend. Bruiser, or “Bishi” / “Brushi” as I would always call him, was so strong and indulgent of me and my family even in his final days. He was such a happy, feisty, playful, protective, and loving little boy and for the past 11 years, he occupied such a large and special place in our hearts. I had loved him from the moment I had chosen him on my 12th birthday to be adopted and he was by my side as I grew up and started to navigate through my life as a young adult. He was the friend I would say “I love you, Bishi, be a good boy” to before I would go to sleep or leave home, as well as who would be the first to greet any of us as we entered the door. He was my mother’s walking companion and “Bru-bru” who she would look forward to sharing long strolls around the neighborhood with. He was my dad’s kitchen buddy or “Bisi-buus” who would dart his ears up and jump as he begged for a treat. He was my brother’s frenemy as he would get teased but share tender moments when nobody was around. For the past 11 years, he consciously shared our home, our secrets, our love, our memories, and our lives. He loved us as unconditionally as we loved him and lived such a long and beautiful life as a precious member of our family. Because he was loved, he was unafraid to be himself and it was that much harder to make the decision to let him go.
We are very grateful to the AEC staff who granted us the opportunity to be with our Bishi in his final moments and to let him pass knowing he was and always will be loved dearly. We know he is grateful as well.

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