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We took Whiskers in October of 2022, he was eating on our back porch and he didn’t hear me walk up on him so I knew he couldn’t hear very good and when he looked at me the one eye was foggy so I knew he couldn’t see very good. My wife and I took whiskers to the vet to get checked out before we brought him into our house because we have 2 dogs so we wanted to make sure he didn’t have any diseases. Whiskers had blood work done and everything came back good.In March whiskers started acting sick so we took him back to the vet and had blood work done again and found out he was diabetic so we had to give him insulin twice a day. Whiskers was declawed and knew how to use a litter box so he was a house cat before we took him in, he was about 10-12 years old. We had Whiskers for 6 months and had to put him down because of the diabetes, we didn’t want too, he was a great cat

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