In Memory...



I adopted Ruby from my sister right after my mother died. Her cat had a liter of kittens and I got first pick. Being 12 years old, I was very excited. I picked the prettiest one. A calico, with all the most beautiful prints. Ruby helped me heal during my grieving period after losing my mom. I moved in with my dad into a new home, a new school, and it was hard. She became my best friend. I cared for her 11 years after that. Can you think back to how much you change from 12 - 23? Ruby has seen all of my phases. She was there when I graduated high school, and through all of the moves I endured. She watched me become a wife and mother. I was not expecting a death so early and so sudden. I wasnt ready. But we never are, are we? Ruby, you may have been a rudey at times, but nobody knew how you could come sit on my lap and let me pet you as your purred. Nobody appreciated how you would roll around in the sunlight, without a care in the world. But I did. You were my cat, and I'm so sorry I wasnt there for you when you needed me. I'm grateful for the amount of love you were shown before your passing. I love you so much and all I have left is memories of you.

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