In Memory...


My best friend of 5 years

I received Barnaby, a 14 year old parrotlet as a gift from my sister when she left the country. I was living in a apartment complex and realize I probably got noise complaints, but he was my best friend- if he went, so did I. He had helped me through a difficult time and kept my mental health stable. Its hard not to love someone when they say hello every morning, all the more reason I always talked to him and told him I loved him before he went to sleep every night. It warmed my heart every time I would scratch his neck and his eyes would close as if to say "ahhh, that feels good." He was more than an animal to me, more than a friend, it hurts so much that he's gone- but life in pain ain't no life, and he was in. I beat myself up thinking of what I could have done differently so he would've stayed around longer, I know he loved me so that's some consolation. Damn, Barn wish you were still here- you were there for me like a human never could. I miss you.

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