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04/22/21 - AEC Novi

I have been to the Novi office a few times, and sadly, this visit was not good. After waiting for over three hours in our car ( which I understand can happen when busy) , however; I received a call from the doctor after about 15 minutes. The doctor spoke so fast I could barely understand what he was saying. I agreed to blood work and an Xray. When the doctor called back he was again speaking so fast I could barely understand and he finally said that he recommended euthanasia. I needed some time to process so when I called back the vet tech was able to better explain the diagnosis, We decided to bring Snickers home to spend time where he is comfortable. I will think twice before going to this facility with my pets. The treatment by the doctor was rushed and lacked any form of compassion. - Snickers's Owner [Avg. Score: 2.9

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