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11/21/21 - AEC Novi

Huge thank you to this emergency. My 6.5 month old kitten began acting strangely. He wasn't wanting to play, and began not eating. Upon examination at his primary vet we agreed surgery should be done STAT as we were suspecting an intestinal blockage. His primary doctor called this ER and discussed the urgency of Elton's case. They agreed and gave me the okay to head over there. Upon arrival they were fast to take him in. They took his pre-op X-rays and examined him. The doctor opted and agreed surgery is the best option. We admitted Elton into the hospital and I went home. They ensured me they would call when the surgery was done and he was in recovery. Within a few hours I got a call saying he was awake and in recovery. He was already trying to move around. He needed to stay overnight for hospital care, they said I will get a call between 6-7 am. 6:58 am I got a call from the Doctor informing me Elton is doing amazing and he was free to come home. He was trying to break out of cage and yelling all night. He began eating again as well! This whole scary experience was nerve wrecking but I am so thankful for the staff here. I hope to never have to go to an ER again. However, if I ever need to I'm so thankful to know I can bring my babies here and they will be in excellent care. Thank you to everyone at this hospital. - Elton's Owner [Avg. Score: 5.0

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