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04/01/23 - AEC Rochester

I brought Tucker in because he has lost at least 13% of his body weight in one week prior to bringing him to the emergency vet. He was at his typical vet three times in the week prior due to his condition (severe and bleeding tonsillitis, bleeding oral ulcer, severe pharyngitis, and severe esophagitis) and was given subQ fluids twice in that week. Prior to the emergency vet visit, he been treated with an antibiotic injection, and a week worth of treatment without consistent improvement in eating or drinking. I was strongly advised to bring him to an emergency vet with any new concerns— He has not been taking consistent liquids orally (only on occasion via syringe) and a few small meals over the last week. I brought him in to get fluids as his vet said getting fluids and urinating are necessary and crucial to recover and surviving. He only urinated a little bit once in 12 hours and barely ate. He is a chihuahua mix and during the visit to the emergency vet his labs were drawn for a Norwegian Elkhound- don’t know if that has an effect on lab results. I was told that he looks fine and was sent home with continued antibiotics. Visually, he has signs of weight loss and continues to not eat or take water orally. His vet has been closed over the last week and will be closed this next week. [AEC Reply: Thank you for your comments, Stephanie. Relative to the blood work, that breed label was the result of an incorrect entry selection when picking the breed; it was a data entry error that shouldn't have been made, but it did not impact the results of the lab work itself or the interpretation of those results.] - Tucker's Owner [Avg. Score: 1.9

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