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01/27/24 - AEC Rochester

My dog decide today was a good day to steal my childs lunch which includes a tortilla wrapped sandwich. Tooth picks and all. What I thought was him choking on a tooth pick ended up being just him with a tooth pick piece lodged into the back of his gums. (Thank God!) The vet and everybody who helped us out was so fast, carrying and sweet! They reassured us immediately that they observed the tooth pick and that choking wasn't a concern anymore. Then calmly took us to a room and the vets came in to assist him. They were able to care for him right in the room and it took like two seconds!!! They let us head out no charge for the super fast tooth pick pull, informed us of what to watch out for just in case and we're so incredibly sweet!!! I couldn't be thankful enough right now!!! With a million and one things happening right now this could have been so much worse and they were a calming beacon of light in a stressful moment!!!!! Thank you guys soooo much!!! - Grayson's Owner [Avg. Score: 5.0

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